Halo Online / ElDewrito Forge 0.6

Work in Progress

Please send any feedback/suggestions/bugs/fixes to HyprDmg#0045 on discord


Up Arrow - Enter Forge Mode

W/A/S/D - Move Forge Camera

Shift - Boost Flying Speed

Q/E - Fly Down/Up (respectively)

F - Adjust Flying Speed (0, Slower, Slow, Normal, Fast, Faster)

Left Click - Select/Deselect Items (hold to paint select)

+ Middle Mouse Reset held item orientation

+ Move Mouse Rotate held item/selection

+A/D Rotate held item/selection

Right Click - Camera Zoom

Spacebar - Pick Up/Let Go of object/selection

Left/Right - Decrease/Increase Rotation Snap (3, 5, 15, 30, 45, 90)(while holding items)

X - Open Forge Menu/Properties menu (while holding item)

Down Arrow/M - Toggle Magnets

ESC - Close/Go back in active menu

C - Clone object on active crosshair. Clone selection when not looking at an object

Delete - Delete held item/group. Delete item looking at (while not holdingitem)

~/F1 - Open Console

Forge Menu

Item limit - Upper right of forge menu

Props - General Items

Barrels - Barrels

Natural - Bushes/icicles/trees

Cover - Items that provide cover (shields/sandbags/etc)

Crates - Various crates/containers

Explosives - Items that can explode/cause damage from the explosion

FX - Modify camera filters (saturation/gamma/etc)

Lights - Spawnable lights

Tech - Computer/Generator/Monitor/Radio set

Gadgets - Energy Shields/Lifts/Weapon Holder/Soccer Ball

Office - Office aesthetics

Miscellaneous - Misc/Drop Bridge (Last Resort)/Floor Hatch (High Ground)/Pallet/Swinging Door (Ice Box)

Structure - Building blocks for 0.6. Only items that can be magnetized. 0.1/0.5/1 depth

Blocks - 6 sided blocks (square/rectangle)

Triangle - Right Angle/Equilateral

Cylinders - Full/Half

Hemisphere - Round/Long

Gameplay - Gametype Setup/Weapons/Equipment/Vehicles

Gametype - General - Set Respawn Point/Variants - Set Starting Point/objectives

Map Tools Map Modifier/Prematch Camera/Kill Volume/Garbage Collector

Map Modifier Edit Barriers/Gravity/Camera FX/Skybox/Weather/Fog

Prematch Camera Camera seen at round start

Kill Volume - Kill player/destroy vehicles

Garbage - Collection Remove bodies/vehicles/props

Equipment - Halo 3 Equipment/Halo Reach Armor Abilities/Grenades/Powerups

Weapons - Weapons sorted by category

Vehicles - Halo 3 vehicles (including Elephant, civilian/troop warthog, destroyed warthog)

Teleporters - Teleports for Player and Vehicles

Prefabs - Saved item groupings

Recently Used - Items most recently used

Map Options - See Map Tools

Tool Settings - Bottom right of Forge Menu (click to open). Most of this menu has hotkeys associated with the setting

Selection Renderer Default outlines selected items. Box highlights the item in a box

Console Help

Help - Displays all console commands

Forge.Budget - Displays info about remaining object count

Forge.Canvas - Remove everything from the map (including elephants from Sandtrap)

Forge.DeleteAll - Delete all objects that are the same as items in crosshair

Forge.DeselectAll - Delete all selected objects

Forge.DeselectAllOf - Deselect all objects that are the same as items in crosshair

Forge.GrabDistance X - Set maximum distance from which objects can be grabbed. Default is 5.

Forge.MagnetsStrength X - Set minimum distance at which structures magnet snap. Default is 0.3.

Forge.MonitorNoClip 0/1 - Allow forge monitor to pass through objects/the map

Forge.ResetRuntime - Respawns items that are abandoned/despawned

Forge.SelectAll - Select all objects that are the same as the object in the crosshair

Forge.SelectAllMaterial - Select all materials with the same material

Forge.SelectEverything - Select everything on the map

Forge.SetPrematchCamera - Sets prematch Camera

Forge.ShowInvisibles 0/1 - Force invisible structures to be visible

Forge.SpawnItem X - Spawn item within the forge pallet (item property shows item number)

Camera.Hide Hud 0/1 - Toggles Hud

Camera.Mode X - Default/First/Third/Flying/Static (flying is great formscreenshots of maps

Camera.Speed X - Sets camera speed. Default is 0.5.

Bind [X] [Action] - Binds a console action to a key

WriteConfig - Writes changes to config file (use this after setting a bind)

Input.KeyboardAction - Binds in game action to keyboard/mouse

Keyboard / Mouse Binding for Forge

The following is the basic setup for binding a key in forge

Input.KeyboardAction "Action" "Key1" "Key2"

Edit the following in console to change/add a keybind. Remember to writeconfig to save the settings.

Input.KeyboardAction "UiLeftTrigger" - Nothing

Input.KeyboardAction "UiRightTrigger" - Nothing

Input.KeyboardAction "UiUp" "Up" - Enter Forge Mode

Input.KeyboardAction "UiDown" "Down" - Toggle Magnets

Input.KeyboardAction "UiLeft" "Left" - Decrease rotation snap

Input.KeyboardAction "UiRight" "Right" - Increase rotation snap

Input.KeyboardAction "UiLeftStick" - Nothing

Input.KeyboardAction "UiRightStick" - Nothing

Input.KeyboardAction "UiA" "Enter" "Space" - Pick up items/select in forge menu

Input.KeyboardAction "UiB" "Escape" "Back" - Go back / close forge menu

Input.KeyboardAction "UiX" "X" - Open forge menu / item properties

Input.KeyboardAction "UiY" "Delete" - Delete selected item / item in crosshair

Input.KeyboardAction "UiLeftBumper" "Q" - Monitor down

Input.KeyboardAction "UiRightBumper" "E" - Monitor up

To bind an action (such as Forge.DeselectAll)

Bind [X] [Console.Command]

Example: Bind P Forge.DeselectAll

This will bind the P key to Forge.DeselectAll

Starting Points, Respawn Points, and Respawn Areas

Starting Points

This is a point in which players will spawn at the start of a game/new round

You want to make sure you have at least 1 Starting point per player, split between teams (leave neutral if FFA).

Infection: 16 player Infection* with 1 zombie will require a minimum of 1 Attacker Starting Point for the zombie, and 15 Defender Starting Points for the humans.

16 Player Infection with multiple zombies will require enough Attacker Starting Points for the zombies, and the remaining 16 Starting Points should be set to Defender

Team: 4v4 will require a minimum of 4 Attacker Starting Points and 4 Defender Starting Points

8v8 will require a minimum of 8 Attacker Starting Points and 8 Defending Starting Points

Most of the time you want allied teammates to start near each other near a base that isn't too close to the opposing team

FFA: FFA Modes do not require Starting Points, but is recommended to use Neutral Starting Points for starts

Respawn Points

This is a point in which player will respawn after dying, or when a player joins mid-game

Infection 1 life: Zombies will not need any respawn points as the game will end when they all die. Humans will need minimal respawn points, mainly for a safety net in case anyone joins mid game.

Infection Multi-lives: Make sure to leave a fair amount of respawn points for the zombies to spawn in a safe area as to not be spawn camped. Humans also require respawn points for late joiners, or in case of suicide/betrayal.

Slayer / Team Slayer: Leave a fair amount of respawn points (~12-30 per team, depending on map size) as neutral.

Team Objective: Same as slayer, but mostly near bases. Having respawns in middle can ruin the objective experience if teams can stop a flag/plant too easily.

Respawn Areas

This is used to convert neutral respawn points to a specified team. Not required if your map is only made for 1 game mode.

Infection: Not needed

Team Objective: Use a respawn point in the base region of the map and convert to the desired team. This will make all neutral respawns on a map convert to the Respawn Areas set team, and not allow the enemy team to spawn in the base.

Team Slayer: Typically, not required unless it is a base defense kind of map

FFA: Not needed

*Infected are on the Attacker team

*Humans are on the Defender team


Q. Can I forge with others/ why are people in my forge having issues?

A. Forge (even back in Halo 3) has desync issues with multiple people. You will notice items saving in the wrong spot, and only the host will see skybox/boundary fixes. It is best to forge alone. If you plan on forging with other just to mess around, that is fine.

Q. Where is a good spot to upload/download 0.6 maps/variants?

HaloVault.org - Does not currently use HTTPS.

ED Forge Map Discord

Halo Online Forge Subreddit


Q. Why can't I see my starting points when I go back into forge?

A. Open the ESC menu and change gametype to the appropriate mode.

Q. Is there a way to increase the item limit?

A. Currently no. The devs increased the item limit as much as they could. In 0.5 we only had ~200-255.

Q. Is it possible to have someone turn infected if they die from suicide/a kill volume?

A. No, the infected must inflict some form of damage for the player to become a zombie.

Q. What is the current item limit?

A. Diamondback - 606 | Edge - 630 | Guardian - 614 | High Ground - 619 | Icebox - 626 | Last Resort - 630 Narrows - 632 | Reactor - 618 | Sandtrap - 623 | Standoff - 631 | The Pit - 624 | Valhalla - 619

Known Bugs / Possible Fixes

Bug: Lights not working.

Cause: Currently after ~6-8 placed, lihts will start to not work

Fix: N/A

Bug: CTF Flag not capturing

Cause: N/A

Fix: Place the return point first with default physics, then place the flag start inside the flag return with phased physics (Credit: Tegan!) *Some issues with 1 Flag

Bug: Kill Volume / Garbage Collector Volume not saving settings

Cause: N/A

Fix: Click out of the properties menu instead of using ESC/Backspace

Bug: Unable to stick items to spawnable Elephants

Cause: The 2 default elephants on Sandtrap have things tied to the map, and are slightly different.

Fix: N/A

Bug: Blocks despawn, usually second round into a game.

Cause: Too many objects in the map / amount of players / player flashlights.

Fix: Try and stay a bit under the object limit, especially for 16 player maps / place kill boundaries so even if an important wall despawns, you can't escape through it. (Credit: Nito)

Bug: Multiple object selections somestimes becoming 'ghost objects'

Cause: An error in the way forge handles properties of multiple objects being moved

When making multi-object selection and moving it DO NOT use 'Forge.DeselectAll' and DO NOT jump out of monitor mode to player mode while still holding the selection. To remove the ghost objects, find the one solid object in the selection and delete it, or start a new round.

Recommendation: Save the map before attempting a large multi-object edit. (Credit: Nodudeinparticular)